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The Environmental Litmus Test is a short film exploring some of the key issues
relating to the UN Climatemeeting in Paris in December 2015 (COP21).
It is a passionate plea for each and every one of us to get involved,
The Environmental Litmus Test is a clarion call to action.

 Litmus Test 1 - Press release

Transition Towns Conference 2015 Global webcast.
On location in Devon, and with a tight budget, great content in this live 2 hour show.

Documentary outlining case for change, and setting our filming agenda for next 3 years

Live & Interactive webcast (over 3000 views on night)

TED X University of Southampton 2015

Coming Soon

- Litmus Test LIVE
Film made at Paris climate talks (COP21). Following a group of cyclist from London to Paris as they join up with hundreds of thousands of protesters from across Europe to demmand a safe climate for their children. (RELEASE DATE: 13 December 2016)

- TEDx Southampton
'Emerging from the Cacoon' (May 2016)

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