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'The Environmental Litmus Test' explores why positive outcomes from The 2015 UN Climate Summit are essential.
Global temperatures are rising and scientists say that we must limit this to a maxium of 2 degrees of warming
to maintain a safe environment. What we do now really does matters, and these are decisions that will affect us all.

People can take effective action and 'The Environmental Litmus Test' is a clarion call to action.

 Litmus Test - Press release

Transition Towns Conference 2015 Global webcast.
A live 2 hour show in Devon, with a challenging location budget...

Documentary outlining case for change, and setting our filming agenda for the next 3 years

Live & Interactive webcast (over 3000 views on night)

TED X University of Southampton 2015

Coming Soon

- TEDx Southampton
'Emerging from the Cocoon' (April 2016)

Cocooning is a word that can be used to describe how communities connect – in that they don’t.
On one level it’s not making eye contact on the tube, on another it’s a deep lack of community.

We don’t seek happiness and fulfilment through contact with others anymore, we seek it through
acquiring material goods. We have our own personal cocoons and on a larger scale an entire nation can seek to separate itself from other nations.

The challenge we face is how to debunk this ‘separatist’ attitude in the face of challenges that are truly global and know no boundaries.

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